Conference Venue

The 5th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing and Mechatronics will be held at Guilin, China during July 05-07, 2024.



Zhong Yin Road,Guilin 541001,Guangxi,P.R.China, Guangxi, P.R.C. Tel:(0773) 2828888Fax:(0773)7795888

Direction information -

Liangjiang International Airport | Driving distance 27 km, about 37 minutes

Railway Station

Guilin Station | Driving distance  3.5 km, about 10 minutes

Guilin North Railway Station | Driving distance 8.8 km, about 19 minutes


- About Guilin -



The widely-disseminated phrase "Guilin's mountains and waters are unparalleled in the world" defines the unique landscape of Guilin. Guilin's breathtaking beauty has earned it the title of "number one in the world" since ancient times. It is situated in the southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China. The distinctive geomorphic features of Guilin's mountains and rivers are primarily responsible for their beauty. The Guilin area's karst features produce wavy mountains, underground caverns, and towering stone mountains that resemble screens and flowing streams that resemble the Milky Way. The Guilin region's mountains, rocks, and streams create breathtaking artwork. The central feature of Guilin's landscape is the Lijiang River. The 200 kilometers that the Li River spans through Yangshuo County and the Guilin metropolitan area. This endless, transparent river has created a unique "Li River Painting School" as it flows over karst landscapes, with each sight evoking a stunning pen and ink painting. Enjoying the breathtaking view of the Li River is best done while sitting on a bamboo raft and following the river's winding course. Guilin boasts stunning natural scenery in addition to a rich cultural past. With human activity going back more than 2,000 years, Guilin has a lengthy history and rich cultural legacy. Many historical artifacts and historic structures, like Xiangbi Mountain, Diecai Mountain, Fubo Mountain, etc., may be seen in Guilin. Guilin's distinct cultural landscape is created by the harmonious combination of these historic structures and the surrounding scenery.